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Why this title? Well in my last school job I had a reading (as in reading a book) room and this was used on Open Days by the Learning Support Department. At one such event they put up a notice saying Leaning Support and I said "Oh I suppose this is the Reading (as in UK town to the west of London) Room now." They retorted by naming me the Barbarian and it has sort of stuck.


Sadly, this blog does not include much about Reading (as in the UK town to the west of London) or barbarians but will contain my thoughts on issues in the library and information world and also detail some of the events I have attended, places I have visited and courses I have run. Enjoy!

The Barbarian Bounces Back - Some Updates

By sjpavey, Jun 18 2021 09:27PM

I have finally got around to updating my blog again and thought the best solution was to direct readers to the blogs I have been writing on other people's websites! This will save a lot of unnecessary duplication.

Information Literacy Group blogs

June 2021 Literacy dilemmas in schools (considers the focus on reading for pleasure and

its interpretation of just being fiction. How does this impact on the role of the

librarian and upon students?)

April 2021 Four days at the World Education Summit and I survived! ( a summary of the

Osiris Educational event incorporating John Hattie's visible learning concepts.

I presented my paper entitled Information Literacy for Global Citizenship)

Feb 2021 Taking lessons from home schooling (looks at the impact of COVID 19 upon

schools and how they have tried to replicate lessons and procedures in the

virtual world when maybe an approach similar to home schooling might have

been more appropriate)

Nov 2020 EPALE 2020 conference report (summary of the online conference held to discuss

adult learning initiatives in Europe)

Mar 2020 When your school is closed ....you have to be creative (a look at what school

librarians might choose to do if their library is closed due to the COVID 19


July 2019 Fake news spotted in schools - it's official (critical look at the implications for

schools as outlined by the Education Secretary in the recently published DCMS

White Paper on online harms)

School Libraries Group of CILIP Talking Books blog

Mar 2021 Back to school - implications for school librarians (considers evidence that

might be presented to justify the existance of a school library when schools

may be looking to save money)

Mar 2020 Things to do if your library is closed (a list of tasks you could consider doing

remotely if you are working from home)

Sept 2019 Reflecting on your role as librarian - time to change? (learn some tips to reduce

stress and sort out your time management abilities and clarify your job


Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA ) blog

Oct 2019 Copy & paste generation and copyright - teaching ideas (looks at the course I

deliver on this topic with feedback and reflection)

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