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Why this title? Well in my last school job I had a reading (as in reading a book) room and this was used on Open Days by the Learning Support Department. At one such event they put up a notice saying Leaning Support and I said "Oh I suppose this is the Reading (as in UK town to the west of London) Room now." They retorted by naming me the Barbarian and it has sort of stuck.


Sadly, this blog does not include much about Reading (as in the UK town to the west of London) or barbarians but will contain my thoughts on issues in the library and information world and also detail some of the events I have attended, places I have visited and courses I have run. Enjoy!

Teaching Learning and Teen Tech

By sjpavey, Aug 2 2021 08:23PM

A couple of blogs this month in my regular places

School Libraries Group of CILIP (SLG) Blog Talking Books

Learning About Learning to Learn

This looked at behaviourist and constructivist pedagogies and how the way in which researching using the school library is at odds with the approach of the curriculum in England. This may explain why many school librarians in England find it hard to get teachers to collaborate and engage with them

Information Literacy Group of CILIP Blog

Teen Tech Awards 2021

This was an overview of the Teen Tech Award ceremony held virtually again this year. There was sadly no information literacy award due to lack of sponsorship but chair of ILG Jane Secker was the main judge for the research award. Hopefully ILG will become involved again in 2022

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